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Sue, pictured in 1995, with 4 of her senior Corgis out of the first Queen of Narnia, Cadi

(from left to right (sitting up): Libby & Spanga.  (laying): Lamby & Hunter

A Brief History of Narnia Corgis




Long ago, in 1976, two castles appeared.  Castle Camallt (the old spelling of Camelot) and on a distant hill Castle Narnia.  Camallt's caretaker was Judy Cameron and Narnia's caretaker was Sue Sebring.  Judy and Sue were the best of friends, more like mother and daughter.


Judy and Sue decided that Camallt needed a Queen.  That is when High Queen "Bramble Lea Tinkers Omega" (Aka Meg) came to rule Camallt Castle.  One year later, Judy presented Sue on her birthday with 6-week-old "Usherhaus Cadi Y Camallt (CD, CDX)" Aka Cadi (Kay-dee).  Cadi became High Queen of Narnia Castle.


Both Queens were from different royal lineage and both produced beautiful royal puppies.  King Am/Can Ch. Schaferhaus Yul B of Quanda (ROMX) was the sire of the first puppies to grace Narnia Castle.


In 1995, due to the passing of Judy, all of the royal Camallt Corgis came to reside at Narnia.  


In 2008, Sue's granddaughter, Cassie Sebring, joined Sue as

co-caretaker of the royal Narnia Corgis.

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